Introducing Spuzle

Spuzle is the latest social puzzle application that allows users to solve unique puzzles posted by their friends.  Can you solve them all?

Get in the game and challenge your friends today - Download Spuzle!

Social Puzzle Solving

Spuzle's simple interface allows you to share and solve unique puzzles with your friends.  Challenge your friends and see who is really the smartest of them all!

  • Share and solve puzzles with your friends
  • Challege each other in social gameplay
  • See which one of your friends is the smartest of them all
Challenge Yourself and Friends

Each puzzle within Spuzle's interface is a new challenge for you to solve.  With our tap and drag puzzle design, it has never been easier or more fun to challenge yourself and your friends to new social puzzle challenges!

Endless Puzzles to Solve

With Spuzle, there are unlimited possibilities of fun with our easy to use puzzle creator.  Simply select a template, choose the unique effect and post to Spuzle's user feed for your friends to solve. 

  • Unlimited puzzle configurations
  • Create and share with your friends
  • Let the games begin!
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